bikeBOX24 private and at Commercial Sektor


Here we show you various pictures of places, where the bikeBOX24 is now at home as well as presented at different trade fairs and events.


Look also for the various possibilities of using the bikeBOX24 in the commercial sector.


The modern design can be integrated into all residential and urban areas - right from the start or later.


Unused space can thus be used sensibly and profitably.


Often misunderstood, this is an investment good. As for building-attachments, you should spread their costs e.g. over 10 years (30/45 Euro / month). Thus, such an investment pays off right from the start, quite apart from the saved cleaning efforts.

Ask your insurance company too - a possible reduction in the insurance fee can also help your one-time investment and reduce your total costs.

And if you ever have to move, just take your garage with you.

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