The solution is High-Tech Plastics 

ABS / PMMA-Multilayer Plastics

We use a particularly high-quality ABS / PMMA plastics for the cover of the bikeBOX 24xx, a Multilayer plastics from an Austrian company SENOPLAST KLEPSCH & Co. GmbH.


It consists of an impact-modified ABS substrate layer together with an UV-resistant PMMA topcoat, which offers a very good scratch resistance/protection.

Areas of high-tech plastics applications


  •      Car Body Parts
  •      Automotive Parts such as e.g. spoilers and covers
  •      Pick-Up- or Hard-Tops
  •      Caravan Parts
  •      Parts for Agricultural Machines

The high-tech plastics has been especially developed for outdoor use and withstands a continuous temperature of - 30 ° C up to + 70 ° C (fixed, not moving/deforming!)

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