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The bikeBOX24 XL Trailer - a technical high-light.

Larger motorcycles such as sports tourers, travel enduro bikes and larger choppers will find plenty of space in the XL version. In conjunction with the lowerable trailer, your garage will go everywhere in the future. From now on you will enjoy the weather- and theft-protection wherever your tour will go. Choose from 3 different types of subsidence. In the basic version, the trailer will be supplied with trailer kit (struts and lashing rails), European approval and 100 km/h max. speed limitation. An axis of rotation is used to lower the entire platform to make entry and exit as easy as possible. Ingeniously simple - just awesome

Technical specifications:

bikeBOX24 XL

Inside dimensions approx.
    Length:   2.65 m  /  104 "
    Width:     1.25 m  /  49 "
    Height:    1.55 m   / 61 " (open 3.00 m / 118 ")

Trailer W1300-STS-O2-25-15-OM-xx *

Outside dimensions approx.
    Length:     4.35 m  / 171 "
    Width:       2.25 m  / 88,5 "
    Height:      2.20 m  / 87 " incl. Box (ready to drive)
                     3.30 m   / 130 " lowered open

Total weight              1300 kg / 2866 lb
Payload about           650 kg / 1433 lb
Tires (inches)            13
Brake                        yes
Suspension               yes
Top speed                100 km / h

Raise / Lower - process:
- Manual hydraulic (* .. MH)
- Electrically hydraulic, with wired remote control (* .. E1)
- Electrically hydraulic, with wireless remote control (* .. E2)

In conjunction with the electrical lowering system a metal box is placed at the front of the fork, in which the battery and a controller is installed. The battery will be charged via the vehicle electrical system (13pin). If the battery fails, it is also possible to manually raise and lower the trailer.


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